Ah, Thr3 Jack. Would you walk in The Normandy Inn’s footsteps?

This popped up on craigslist and was sent to me. It will probably disappear of their site but that is what screenshots are for.

This one should go up on “Best of MPLS Craigslist”

Here’s the text in full:

thr3 jack is a nightmare (The loop)

Thr3Jack is an abusive place where Dan Elliot (the GM) treats the staff without basic respect. He is nice in interviews and in front of the owners. Chef Robert is also very nice in interviews. Thr3Jack has had a full turn in the last year with the whole staff. Ask around. The owners are great but this is an incredibly toxic environment. 13 former employees in the next year, coming forward. This place is awful for women, black people and culture in general. If you feel #BLM or women or Black people matter, stay away.

From https://minneapolis.craigslist.org/hnp/fbh/d/minneapolis-thr3-jack-is-nightmare/7333412133.html

I had been wondering why they would be looking for people every couple of weeks. Guess now we know. I’m not one for gossip but finding out about work conditions somewhere is always useful.

It’s hard enough to work in the industry as it is right now to suffer under bosses like this.