It’s slow at work

You know what you do when it’s slow?

You clean.

Then you clean some more.

Then you clean the little crevices with a toothpick to get all the gunk out.

Then you wipe everything down with a clean towel and sanitizer and spray the stainless with polish to make it look all nice and pretty.

This is a time where the real cooks prove their mettle. Cooking is not just about how good your food tastes or how delicious it looks. It is also about how clean you keep your station.

Don’t forget to cook those tickets that do come in though.

Well, what do you know

http://shitfoodbloggerssay.tumblr team management

Funny how it works, right? One would stand to reason that most foodie internet publications are made by caucasian people who have finished college and have surrounded themselves with people like them.

Silicon Valley demographics applied to food.

Late at night

It is late at night, we’re all more than drunk, and it is proving rather hard to sleep.

Don’t forget about brunch, later today.

I just hope by the time all of you make it to work in the morning there is already a nice big pot of coffee ready to go.

Here we go

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