Years later I find an answer

And as you watch more of them, trends emerge. The videos, all shot from directly overhead, alternate between fast and slow motion, never show more than the cook’s hands, and annotate each step in bold typography. They use jangly, royalty-free music, but work just as well without sound. They typically last only a minute or less, to capture fickle attention spans — and to take advantage of Facebook’s autoplay setting.

Hands and bowls and melty cheese! Why does every Web recipe video look the same? – The Washington Post

Now I know why I do not like to see food being cooked on youtube or anywhere else on the Internet. They are all emulating an style that first came to be with the rise of Facebook and its push into video advertisements. There are multiple guides out there on how to do videos like them, even, with other video outlets taking notice

And now with the rise of TikTok we are seeing a definite change in how food videos are being produced. These people are using semi-pro or outright professional video equipment, and editing on desktop computers. They would have you believe they’re using their phones for the entirety of the production cycle.


How To Cook Chicken In A Pumpkin

♬ original sound – JaneBrain
All the way in there

The quality of the recipes is not what is happening– most of them are rather questionable, like the one above. It’s the style of it that is becoming inescapable, and now that other apps (ahem, Instagram) are looking to emulate TikTok’s success I can only expect more creators to create more videos with these same methods.

For what its worth at least we have people like ChefReactions skewering these would-be cooks for their rather shitty methods and recipes.

1 out of 10 in the ChefReactions scale

Regarding Facebook itself, it completely obliterated small publishers as it lied about the potential of video advertisements.

The only videos I do watch from time to time are those of this grandma. She does tell you herself she gets a lot of help for them. She is earnest in them and it comes across as true.

Pan de Muerto is a good thing to eat.

An intersection: Lyndale Ave & Lake St

Lyndale Avenue South at Lake Street West

From what I hear the rent costs at this intersection have been wildly out of line with the true costs for years now, if what I’ve heard is right. Setting that aside for a moment, there is plenty of story to be had. Heck, someone on even did a photo essay of all the vacant storefronts back in 2016.

Not a lot has changed… but with the pandemic some things are definitely changing here

Northeast Corner

It’s Greek To Me used to live here until it closed in September 8, 2019 after a stellar 37 year run. They tried a few different things at the end but… didn’t really make a difference, blaming the sale of the parking lot behind them as one big factor of the closure. Not going to say much about the service, which we found hit or miss over time.

To the north (past Jungle Theater) you’d find Muddy Waters, which just closed on May 2, 2020. To the east you find Trio Plant-Based, holding down one of the “cursed” locations of the intersection.

But the corner itself has been sitting empty for 8 months and there is no word of any new restaurants opening there, or any redevelopment.

Southeast Corner

Held down by Iron Door Pub since 2015 after much drama, we’ve found it a good place for decently priced strong drinks. It’s not Cause… but it turned out to be a great place to watch the game.

The stores to the south of it have come and gone without much fuss.

Southwest Corner

Currently held down by Prieto Taqueria Bar, opened last year. This corner has a story of being a really hard spot to hold down for any length of time after the demise of Falafel King. Not quite cursed… yet.

Next door to the south you have Blue Door Pub which took over the spot from the much-missed Country Bar & Grill, then Caffrey’s Deli & Subs, which along with Cause saw its share of drama.

Only Caffrey’s looks like it’ll come out of pandemic closure more or less unscathed.

Northwest Corner

Most people don’t even think of this corner at this point except for the big ole sign built on its roof:

It’s been empty for years after Milio’s closed. Redfin has it off market and valued around 825K… but doesn’t actually say if anything is being developed anymore.

It’d make a hell of a rooftop if it weren’t for the sign.

Next door to the north you have Moto-i—which does have one hell of a rooftop, and Lyn-Lake Brewery, which also has a great rooftop.

So what now?

The big worry for a lot of people around here is having Lyn-Lake turn into another Uptown. We have heard people refer to this part of town as Uptown and… it just doesn’t sit right, really. The main similarity they’ll have is multiple empty storefronts all over.

It is not one we appreciate. Here is hoping this intersection rebounds sooner rather than later. I’m sure there are more intersections in other cities that have complicated histories and complicated stories.

Tell us in the comments.

Under Pressure

Just like the song. The governor extended the stay-at-home order until May 18.

The restaurant industry in our state is reeling. You can go from basic PR announcements to personal stories, but the facts are stark: Our industry is bleeding dry due to the pandemic and from the looks of it the amount of help we’ll get is going to be severely limited.

All you have to do is look at the federal response.The National Restaurant Association put out a report and the numbers are depressing, to say the least:

  • Nationwide, sales were down 47% during the period from March 1 to March 22
  • 54% of restaurant operators have switched to off-premises service only
  • Seven in 10 operators have had to lay off employees and reduce the number of hours worked
  • Roughly half of them anticipate more layoffs and hourly reductions over the next 30 days
  • More than six in 10 said they’ve had to reduce their operating hours

Yes, I know the entire planet is looking at the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression, but we can still hope for a better future while being sad about what we’re losing.

The end of a golden era in bars and restaurants.

Late at night

It is late at night, we’re all more than drunk, and it is proving rather hard to sleep.

Don’t forget about brunch, later today.

I just hope by the time all of you make it to work in the morning there is already a nice big pot of coffee ready to go.

Here we go

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