Due to catastrophic hardware failure pretty much everything from February until this post was lost.

Backups were corrupted as they had not been tested. But the website is back online and I assure you all that backups will be now taken once a day,

But for now I am going to sleep. It has been a long week now the weather is nice in the city.

New Theme!

How about that? I thought it was time for some changes around here. If you run into any issues make sure to let me know!

Hey hey hey!

Look at this! New look!

We’ll slowly make changes in the background, but for now this is a good start.

Have to make use of that nervous unemployed energy going around, right?

Another go, another try

Well, here we are again. Maybe this time I will actually be able to develop this into what I have envisioned— main problem being I don’t really have a vision for what I want this to be… yet. But I’m sure ideas will follow.

I type this as another chapter of my food service career ends: The restaurant where I have been working for the past few months is in the process of shutting down. I have already worked my last shift and all that remains is to pick up odds and ends that I have taken there to make my job easier. The company is making some effort to place employees at other restaurants but given the current winter season there is only so much it can do.

I am not to worried as I do have employment elsewhere that, I hope, will allow me to actively bring my words here.

Here’s to a new year.


It’s been over a year?

How quickly time flies when… you are not having fun out in the world.

We are calmer, now. Let us begin anew.

This is proving a bit harder than I thought

It’s been a while, yeah. Turns out you can’t have a site like this when all your perspective is coming from the kitchen.

I’m still cooking but hopefully I’ll be able to post a bit more often now.