About us

In the beginning we were a group of like-minded people who had things to say about the food service industry for people who work in the service industry. Over time… people leave, and that’s okay.

That leaves me, your host. I would love for you to keep me company and write on this website. Want to give it a shot? There are a few guidelines I intend to keep:

  • Post Privacy: You would post under a pseudonym. The risk of retaliation from employers is too real
  • Email Privacy: If needed you can be furnished with an email address but this would require further discussion
  • Communication Privacy: My plan is for only me, the GM, to know the real email address associated with you, the writer. I have taken measures to try to prevent eavesdropping and interception but there is only so much I can do.

Still interested in writing? Drop me a line at gm at this domain and let’s talk about it.