Today’s food media character is… @deardara

Let us start with a screenshot:

And that’s how the entire thing got started

And from there it just kept going, until someone with a good deal of sense came through:

This is how something ends

Good on Reed for handing writer Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl her butt on a silver platter. She’s currently very busy blocking a lot of the Twin Cities foodservice worker community; as a James Beard Award winner she has no time for the little people.

Before @rerahrich typed up his thread, they did have an entire conversation regarding her concern trolling:

Real Talk from @rehrahrich to @DearDara

As for the reason I am posting this, with screenshots? Because people will often delete tweets in an effort to clean up their image. The Internet does forget quickly, but it also has a habit of remembering forever. In this age where people in food service are striving for accountability of those in power, us who form part of “food media” need to both protect those who deserve it and to uphold accountability for everyone in the community. While the conversation they had was certainly not related to food or the industry, she is a food writer and her position does grant her privileges others will never obtain; her attitude is but a reflection of food media at large.

Too often writers will forget either in a quest to obtain and keep access to chefs, owners and investors because they want to be part of the In Crowd. It is time to move past that.

Here is to change. Hopefully Dara learned something today.

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