It sucks when you can’t trust coworkers

I wanted to start the first official post here with something nice, but alas, it was not to be.

I misplaced my tablet at work and someone took it.

There are no cameras in the changing room (and I’m pretty sure they’re illegal to have in the changing room)and it was end-of-shift, so there are too many people who could have taken it team management tools. There is a sign that says the workplace is not responsible for your things, but it never hurts to ask.

It was a cheap refurbished tablet so the economic cost is minimal. This also led to me resetting all the passwords for all the services that configured on the device: Google, Amazon, Spotify,, you name it. This takes time and effort and the person has unfettered access to all of this unless you realize in time and you manage to wipe the device remotely.

What gets me is the principle of the thing. If you find something, just turn it in to management; they’ll then give it back to the owner along with an admonishment about being more careful. This leads to everyone being happier all around and wanting to stay as an employee at the business, instead of everyone distrusting everyone else, because if they’ll take your things, who’s to say they’re not sharing their tips? Or playing around with the clock?

No one needs this. Don’t be the asshole who brings everybody down.

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